Stiff-Legged Box Jumps

Quintin Scott and Billy Lee demonstrate how to execute stiff-legged box jumps. This exercise will enhance an athlete’s jumping ability and explosiveness. Perform these sparingly and under supervision of an expert.  

Single-Legged Box Jump

Execute a single-legged box jump with Quintin Scott and Billy Lee. Balance is a crucial aspect. Also, be sure to flex appropriately at shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle joints. Execute with an expert.  

Line Jump Routune

Perform this great series of line jumps. Stay focused on being fast and keep your repetitions under 20 for each set to ensure that you hold good form.  

Fundamental Box Jump

Execute a plyometric box jump with Quintin Scott and Billy Lee. Practice appropriately flexing at the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Also, practice executing a soft landing which is as much a part of the exercise as the jump.