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Kairos Athletics purpose is to help individuals develop life skills through sports education, strength training, and character/athletic development. Kairos Athletics creates educational material and educational, neighborhood based programs to facilitate the strengthening of the individual and the community

Billy Lee competed in sports his entire life and entered the competitive world of high finance upon graduating from college. He established strong bonds with many similar hard-working, competitive sportsmen in the business world and benefited from their instruction.

In 2011, Mr. Lee established a trading group with George Flannick, another competitive sportsman in the business world. These men were shocked by the violence and difficulty that young men seemed to be facing within just 10 miles from where they operated at the Chicago Board of Trade. They both agreed that something must be done!

Intent on providing to underfunded communities the thing that can serve them the most – strength of character and knowledge to successfully compete – Kairos Athletics was established as a NFP aimed at teaching others how to implement a sportsmen’s mentality to achieve in life, business, and sport.

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Kairos Athletics relies upon a network of businessmen who successfully apply principles they have learned competing in sport to success in life and business.
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Talk to the Founder

Invite, Billy Lee, founder of Kairos Athletics, to speak to your class, school, or business for a donation to our cause!
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Check Out the Shop

Check out some designs inspired by the Kairos Athletics message. All proceeds got to our outreach programs.
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