Vision Without Pause!

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Wake up with the Lord by your side. Don’t leave him behind.

You went to bed studying yourself, studying the path the Lord has you on.

See your vision for your best life as you thank the Lord for your blessings.

Or…maybe you reject him.

So, lash out at Him but don’t forget Him. Don’t forget your war with Him as long as you exist.

Awake. Walk into the vision. Get your heart pumping. That is your vision in the AM – get moving.

You will not regret it. Start with a walk. Pick up the clothes that you laid out the night before.

Keep in mind you did it because you did not know if the next day would be your last, so the last damn thing that you are going to do is waste time looking for clothes.

Are you running, climbing, biking or jogging yet?

Visualize as you take care of the system you need the most – your cardiovascular system.

You might take a second to think about the people who excuse themselves from this kind of approach to life.

Take a second to forgive them for hating you because you are a constant reminder to them that some part of them is surrendering.

Don’t forget you might die today.

Those people are killing a small part of themselves as they set their gaze upon you in envy and jealousy. Get thee behind me, Satan.

Thou shall not kill!


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