Periodization – An Aspect of Training to Hugely Impact Our Lives!

  To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun: A time to be born and a time to [...]

Sports Specific Training: Soccer Conditioning

Conditioning that can be readily applied to a game situation should be executed. The Lazarevich Method demands that the soccer athlete practice in the most [...]

Beach/Log Training Mix

This video commenced the video documentation of the Kairos Athletics message. Founder, Billy Lee, puts himself through some advanced conditioning techniques. Beach training makes an [...]


Pendulums Kairos Athletics employs traditional and what some may view as non-traditional exercise techniques. Whatever Kairos Athletics employs to enhance an aspect of athleticism, it [...]


(This is an advanced exercise. As always, perform this exercise and think! Consult your physician before beginning any exercise regimen.) The pike strengthens the rectus [...]

Kairos Athletics Log Squats

Billy Lee discusses squats and how crucial and valuable they are to developing athletic strength. He utilizes a large approximately 150 lb log to perform [...]