Stiff-Legged Box Jumps

Quintin Scott and Billy Lee demonstrate how to execute stiff-legged box jumps. This exercise will enhance an athlete’s jumping ability and explosiveness. Perform these sparingly [...]

Single-Legged Box Jump

Execute a single-legged box jump with Quintin Scott and Billy Lee. Balance is a crucial aspect. Also, be sure to flex appropriately at shoulder, hip, [...]

Step by Step Slow Demo: Sprinter’s Skip

Perform a plyometric exercise that will enhance your running form and increase speed. The sprinter’s skip, presented by Quintin Scott, is a great exercise that [...]

Line Jump Routune

Perform this great series of line jumps. Stay focused on being fast and keep your repetitions under 20 for each set to ensure that you [...]

Fundamental Box Jump

Execute a plyometric box jump with Quintin Scott and Billy Lee. Practice appropriately flexing at the shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles. Also, practice executing a [...]

Lateral Box Jump

Execute a lateral box jump. Be sure to see the box in the peripheral space. Execute a soft landing understanding that the landing is an [...]