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The Alpha and Omega in Sports Training

Founded by Billy Lee – Businessman, Leader, and Mentor to Athletes

Mission: Kairos Athletics purpose is to help individuals develop life skills through sports education, strength training, and character/athletic development. Kairos Athletics creates educational material and educational neighborhood based programs to facilitate the strengthening of the individual and the community.

Kairos Athletics knows that challenges we experience in our athletic endeavors shape and support us.


The idea that a righteous life will make us stronger is at the core of many philosophies. Kairos Athletics offers this at the core of its sports training philosophy. Coaches often ask athletes to “stay out of trouble”, but they offer no guide or they fail to fully inspire the athlete to do so. The Kairos Athletics concepts offer some general tenets that we ask the athlete to “work” throughout his/her striving.

Kairos Athletics training philosophy is derived from the study of human psychology, physiology, and spirituality within sport and life.
  • Sport has the individual participate fully (mind, body, and soul) in the creation of their self. As we strive to create ourselves in sport, we partake in creation.
  • We are at once the subject and the object in the training process. We work as a creator wielding an effect upon ourselves; like the Creator in relation to us. Sport has our will work in cohesion with a greater will in a miraculous fashion.
There are many websites and resources – such as gyms, and supposed coaches and experts – that offer advice on how to reach your peak, but most of them are identical to one another.

Kairos Athletics is a resource for coaches, parents, trainers, athletes, and motivated people. 


Kairos Athletics Concepts

Perspective – If one accepts that being physically and mentally fit is the same as being healthy, and you understand that being healthy is being happy, then you are committed to the journey.

Process – Sport and movement sharpen the mind and body.

Positivity – A positive mind influences a positive body. A positive body influences a positive mind.

Perseverance – If it doesn’t work, fix it. Do not abandon it.

Practice – Everything one does is practice.

Power – A willingness (eagerness) to learn.

Present – Bring your mind to the game. Bring your mind to the gym. Bring your mind to life.

Poise – Confidence and glory are delivered through the process.

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