Tate Myre Video: Thank You, Tate. Moments of Truth.

Tate Myre gave his life to save the lives of his friends during a school shooting on November, 30 2021 at Oxford High School in [...]

Dare to Tell Yourself You’re Great: Affirmations – Peak Performance Self-Talk

Think about how it feels when someone tells you, “You cannot do it. You will not make it.” Now, imagine if you were to communicate [...]

Mindfulness Revealed! Billy Lee Discusses How We Learn Mindfulness Through Sport

Mindfulness is a misunderstood concept. This excerpt of a larger lesson that Billy Lee delivered to student athletes in Chicago Public Schools explains how athletes [...]

Beach/Log Training Mix

This video commenced the video documentation of the Kairos Athletics message. Founder, Billy Lee, puts himself through some advanced conditioning techniques. Beach training makes an [...]