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…what is the marvelous ? — that which we do not understand. “What is it that we really desire ? — that which we cannot obtain. Now, to see things which I cannot understand, to procure impossibilities, these are the study of my life.

Character development comes above all else!

The Peak Performance Principle discussed:

The Peak Performance Principle recognizes the major components of Man. Sigmund Freud recognized the id, ego, and superego. Carl Jung recognized the subconscious, conscious, and a personality. Christian theology offers the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Peak Performance Principle specifies the mind, body, and soul. 

The Peak Performance Principle concerns itself with developing and managing the major components to arrive to a goal or compete optimally.

Consider an MMA athlete with a fine-tuned body and mind built for combat being goaded into a street fight. With an elite body and mind, the fighter could do great damage to another and land in jail. But, with a developed third component (the soul), the athlete in the heat of the moment sees the big picture, ignores trouble, and wakes up in the morning in his own home instead of a jail cell. He does not spite all of his hard work; he remains in competition maintaining his chances of becoming a champion. (see discussion – Intelligent Warrior Philosophy).

Peak Performance Principle – Context in Modern Culture

There are many gimmicks created today with modernity having a great impact on society and our consciousness.  Freudianism has more of an effect on people’s psyches than the factors Freud isolated as the greatest affecting factors in his studies. Freud’s observations pervasively affect aspects of marketing, language, art, child-rearing, education, etc.

It is difficult to find many stable people in our culture because we all are inundated by so many signals. An immense, eclectic flow of information has created a population of people with multiple personalities in an essential tug-of-war with one another and within themselves. The modernists proclaim, “What’s new is what matters”. This apparently applies to one’s own personality. The reinvention of oneself seems to be what perpetually occupies so many in today’s society.

The Peak Performance Principle never changes!  What develops mind, body, and soul is constant. The Kairos Athletics methodology consistently and constantly responds and adjusts to the performer considering the weaknesses and the strengths of each athlete in the context of the mind- body-soul complex.

Peak Performance Principle – Advantage

The Kairos Athletics approach to enhancing performance gains its strength and advantage over popular training philosophies and methodologies by being anchored by the recognition of the mind-body-soul complex.

A lack of understanding of one’s whole self results in confusion and underperformance as one is striving. It makes more sense than ever to catch one’s breath and look back. The Peak Performance Principle differs with principles that widely stress “living in the now”. Looking back and learning from one’s mistakes is primary to “living in the now”.

A person who abides by the Peak Performance Principle leads their own person like the greatest leaders lead others. They understand history first; a basic understanding of nature guides. Tradition prevails!

Peak Performance Principle – Endurance and Quality

Respecting what is time-tested is vital. Naturally, Man tends to want to endure. Reflection can reveal this to an individual more efficiently than any other means.

As our youth fades, as relationships fall apart, as life slips away each day, we unknowingly wish we had the power to make anything of our liking endure. Ironically, most who have succumbed to modernity’s over-influence want to dictate what should endure; tradition is something these people scorn. Laughingly, identifying oneself with tradition is the surest way to guarantee we might endure.

Quality endures. It has a fullness to it that cannot abate. Quality demands hard work, no short cuts, sacrifice, honest evaluation, and an investment of time. To stand the test of time, time must be invested. Show our world a work of art created in an instant, and it can’t be.

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