The Spirit is the Cradle: Right Action Flows From It!

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We orient ourselves spiritually. Our whole being follows spirit.

I am not talking about spirit in any strict religious sense.

Why do we have pep rallies? Why do we cheer for the home team? Why do we encourage one another? Why do we listen to music while we workout? Why is music played behind the scenes of movies and montages?

It orients our efforts in a direction.

You can count on losing a competition if you are telling yourself that you do not have a chance (See Dare to Tell Yourself You’re Great: Affirmations – Peak Performance Self-Talk). You can count on being depressed if you are telling yourself that life sucks and everything around you is bad.

Among Millenials, we see higher rates of suicides. A recent survey showed that only 55% of Millennials believe in the goodness of humanity.

With that kind of negative belief, we are nearly guaranteed to have a generally awful life experience.

Why is this? What has brought Millennials to think this way?

Surely being bombarded with combative, negative, and divisive headlines through social media and smartphones has something to do with it. Negative headlines sell; so, that is what is being sold.

You hear often from the media about oil companies releasing toxins into our environment, but you hear little to nothing being reported about the toxic effect that bad reporting has on the psyche and/or spirit.

The spirit is what will have you behave one way or another during “moments of truth.”

Many assume that in the moment when they must sacrifice themselves for the child they will be able to do so. Don’t be so sure.

When a friend is in distress do you take the time to call that person? Even though you might feel uncomfortable, do you check in on them? The ability to do this – the ability to act this way is much like a muscle. It has to be trained. An untrained spirit most of the time will be completely unaware of the other person’s suffering.

The spirit in the family and the country is twisted. Reflection, prayer, and concentration practices are obviously not in favor.

A consideration of what is the spirit is a start. Reading works on wisdom is a great place to start. There are illuminating works of great depth on the spirit, what it is, and how to cultivate it. Visit our category on Spiritual Exercise to learn more.

If you are a striving athlete and want to strengthen mind, body, and soul, contact us.

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