Sports Specific Training: Soccer Conditioning

Conditioning that can be readily applied to a game situation should be executed. The Lazarevich Method demands that the soccer athlete practice in the most [...]

Introduction to Ball Control

Ball control drills like juggling should be practiced in a manner that will transfer readily to actual game play. Travelling forward and backward while juggling [...]

Keep a Journal; Change the World

Crucial! Crucial to human development is a journal! In many writing classes the idea of a journal is broached – often presented as an aid in helping [...]

Stiff-Legged Box Jumps

Quintin Scott and Billy Lee demonstrate how to execute stiff-legged box jumps. This exercise will enhance an athlete’s jumping ability and explosiveness. Perform these sparingly [...]

Single-Legged Box Jump

Execute a single-legged box jump with Quintin Scott and Billy Lee. Balance is a crucial aspect. Also, be sure to flex appropriately at shoulder, hip, [...]

Step by Step Slow Demo: Sprinter’s Skip

Perform a plyometric exercise that will enhance your running form and increase speed. The sprinter’s skip, presented by Quintin Scott, is a great exercise that [...]

Original Weight Training: 1,000 Year Old Log Lifting Record Broken

Watch Hafthór Björnsson break a 1,000-year old record as he lifts a tree that weighs 1,433 lbs. (See some of Kairos Athletics’ log training videos) The [...]

Quote: On Suffering

The only way another man surpasses another is by becoming more reconciled to dealing with suffering than the other. William Lee [...]

Beach/Log Training Mix

This video commenced the video documentation of the Kairos Athletics message. Founder, Billy Lee, puts himself through some advanced conditioning techniques. Beach training makes an [...]


Pendulums Kairos Athletics employs traditional and what some may view as non-traditional exercise techniques. Whatever Kairos Athletics employs to enhance an aspect of athleticism, it [...]

Step 1: Honesty – Strong in Life; Strong in Sport

The idea that a righteous life will make us stronger is at the core of many philosophies and religions. Kairos Athletics offers this at the [...]