Anti-Bullying – Through a Perspective on Slavery and the Holocaust

Chicago businessman and founder of Kairos Athletics, Billy Lee, discusses what the ultimate mentality is pointed towards -the mentality that will never let one down. [...]

How to Use Fear: Discussion on “Fire and Fear”

Fear is an emotion that we experience in several ways and in response to a wide variety of situations and stimuli.  We can learn to [...]

Cornerstone Success Academy – Review of Key Concepts

Billy Lee reviews mindfulness, no-self, and giving to others to get strong. The suggestion that form follows function, listening to the body, and an introduction [...]

Intro to Cornerstone Success Academy- Day 1; Motivation

In the following video Billy Lee discusses principle concepts that guide students in the Cornerstone Success Academy.  The concepts include mindfulness, no-self, and right inspiration. [...]

Periodization – An Aspect of Training to Hugely Impact Our Lives!

  To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the sun: A time to be born and a time to [...]

Quote: On Love

Celebrating the aesthetic is a celebration of what is fleeting – the celebration of an illusion. Instead, praise God!     [...]

Three Kinds of Love

The venerable Bishop Fulton Sheen offers a wonderful meditation on love. [...]

Sports Specific Training: Soccer Conditioning

Conditioning that can be readily applied to a game situation should be executed. The Lazarevich Method demands that the soccer athlete practice in the most [...]

Introduction to Ball Control

Ball control drills like juggling should be practiced in a manner that will transfer readily to actual game play. Travelling forward and backward while juggling [...]

Keep a Journal; Change the World

Crucial! Crucial to human development is a journal! In many writing classes the idea of a journal is broached – often presented as an aid in helping [...]

Stiff-Legged Box Jumps

Quintin Scott and Billy Lee demonstrate how to execute stiff-legged box jumps. This exercise will enhance an athlete’s jumping ability and explosiveness. Perform these sparingly [...]